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Let's paint!

Being a painter is a miracle job. Paint hides, protects, and enhances everything it touches. Paint erases years of use and creates fresh new energy. Everyday when I clean up , I look back at what I have done and feel so inspired. I get instant satisfaction of the work I did that day.

Anyone can paint....and in my experience not everyone should. It takes patience and a certain amount of skill. But with these tips, your paint job can look like mine, a professional.

Use quality materials; paint, patch and caulk. Prep work is the most important part of the job. Tarp the floors and cover furniture after moving it from the walls you are needing to paint. Patch holes in the walls and caulk cracks. Sweep the walls with a broom or dust rag. If the walls have smoke damage or are very dark, use a quality primer first. Remove all light switch covers and electrical outlet covers. Sand any patches you may have made.

Now you are ready to start painting. Start by painting all edges and corners with a brush or weennie roller. When this is complete, use a nine inch roller and depending on the texture, choose your type of cover. Dampen the cover with water first and then remove as much of the water you can from the roller leaving it damp. Now load the roller with paint and begin by putting the roller to the lower wall and pushing it upward toward ceiling.Spread the paint out making sure there are no lines or areas that have too much paint or not enough.

That is it! But don't forget to have a damp rag close for mistakes. Easier to clean wet paint then to clean paint off when it is dry. A five in one is a good tool to have close too. It opens the paint cans, scrapes off dried drips and problems, removes small nails and you can apply patch compound with it.

In future blogs I can go into more details. But this basic instruction can help you achieve better results. Oh I forgot. I enjoy music as I paint. It helps me to keep a good rhythm and enjoy what I am doing. Happy Painting!

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