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Color is life

Choosing the colors for your space is so important because color can alter your emotions and your well being. Colors that harmonize and compliment each other bring peace and a sense of joy. Colors that fight can bring depression, anger and sadness. Colors can alter ones mood.

A definition of color: the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.

"the lights flickered and changed color

In other words color is created by how much light is absorbed or reflected. When choosing your color, decide how much light you wish to have in your space. Does the space have lots of natural light, is it a kitchen or bathroom?... Are you intending the space for an office or library?

I choose colors to tie in, or compliment other architectural features that are prominent. For example I recently painted a bathroom that has an aqua colored river rock floor, drift wood looking tile, wood and a white with a pinkish colored paint. The textures and colors fought, making the bathroom feel tight and disjointed.

I choose a color called French Grey for the walls and a pure white for the ceiling. The grey color enhanced the river rock floor and blended in the drift wood tile. Putting a finish on the wood it brought out its luster. The grey color with the wood and ceiling created an elegant space. With the glass block surround and glass shower doors the bathroom feels open and relaxed. Everything blended and feels harmonic.

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